Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday (Halloween) Fantasy Feature: Lady in the Tower

The first word that came to our minds when we viewed Lady in the Tower's shop was, "wow!" Vivian makes beautiful Venetian masks and ornaments. What we love about her work is its incredible detail and romancic personailty. She sells her masks, to be both worn and used as decoration, at a variety of prices.

We proudly present Lady in the Tower as this Halloween's Friday Fantasy Feature!

Name: Vivian Hutcheson

Etsy Shop: ladyinthetower (

What do you do? I make masks, mostly in the Venetian tradition

Where do you get your inspiration for your work? Anywhere and everywhere! I use mostly salvaged materials and they will often lead me into a design, as will the particular shape of a form. Ideas come from all over, and I don’t always consciously know how they reach a piece.

Do you have any pieces that are inspired by fantasy? Or are reminiscent of fantasy? Most of mine are. Masks are all about some sort of fantasy. Glamour, magic, disguises, they are all involved.

How did you become involved in your work? I made my first clay mask when I was six. I got back into it, for a while, about 20 years ago but didn’t have regular acess to clay or a kiln so I moved on to other things. I learned how to gild for my day job (custom picture framer) and got to handle some actual Venetian masks. I started making my own from there and have never looked back!

What made you start selling your creations? I started selling to friends and friends of friends in 2002 and did my first shows in 2003.

What is your favorite item that you make?
I love them all! The gem encrusted ones are a design of mine that I just adore. I haven’t been able to bring myself to part with the first two I did of that line, I just love them so much!

Which fantasy creature is your favorite: fairy, dragon, or vampire? Dragons, although my first attempt at a dragon form didn’t work that well. I’ll get back to it eventually.

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Happy Halloween!

Angie and Sarah

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