Monday, May 10, 2010

Tips for Social Networking- Small Businesses

The first thing a start-up business can do is establish its social networking sites online. Social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Blogspot, provide small (and even large) business with effective free marketing tools. The first thing we did—before we received our grant—was create this blog. We’ve had blog experience with our previous business (La SuaVoce Designs We found that by writing a helpful or interesting blog post once a week or so brought traffic to our blog and consequently to our online shop.

• We suggest using because they allow people to “follow” your blog. This means that when your followers sign into their accounts, the title and first few lines of your more recent blog post will appear on their home page...

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Uncovered Artistry Boutique: Empowering Domestic Violence Survivors

We are dedicating the this summer to creating and establishing Uncovered Artistry Boutique. Uncovered Artistry Boutique, operating out of Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, is a non-profit online and catalog retailer that sells the finely crafted work of domestic violence survivors and distributes the products throughout the country. The business will has two main goals. First, it provides an outlet for domestic survivors in America to sell their artisan work, thereby providing them with financial independence and personal confidence. Second,Uncovered Artistry educates our customers about domestic violence in order to raise awareness and eliminate stereotypes.

Please visit our new blog at

and our facebook page at!/pages/Hampton-Falls-NH/Uncovered-Artistry-Boutique/101220443257694?ref=mf

Angie and Sarah