Monday, December 14, 2009

Etsy Free Feature II

My calculus final is over! I'm finally free to post another entry. Last week I posted the work of some talented Etsy-artists. The post was a success, so I've put together a second feature. Once again, the pieces below are under $50, making the selection a great list of affordable gifts.

La SuaVoce Designs

p.s. I think I need a better name for these posts than "Etsy Free Feature." If you have any ideas, feel free to comment!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Selling Your Work Wholesale: Resources, Tips, Links, and Checklist

I'm reposting a post from a few months ago because I think the information is valuable and because my sister and I (after taking time to focus on school) decided to work on going wholesale again. Hope it is helpful!

Wholesale Resources

Are you ready to start selling wholesale? We are, so we did some research and we’d like to share! Here are some great blogs, forum posts, and articles that provide valuable information about selling wholesale.

If you’re shy and don’t think you’re up to visiting stores, check out this forum post:

This great two part blog post provides information about pricing, quantity, and communicating with retailers:
Part I:
Part II:

A thorough article about beginning to sell your artisan work wholesale. Includes a number of helpful links:

Our Checklist for Preparing to Sell Wholesale:
*Check out the links above and throughout this post for more information to supplement our checklist (some of the terms were unfamiliar to us until we read the information provided in all these links!)*

1. Prepare Etsy shop (and blog, etc.) for wholesale
-adjust prices to be RETAIL prices (double wholesale price for retail price)
*Tips on pricing wholesale:
-make it known that we are interested in selling wholesale
-make it easy for retailers to contact us
-provide a “request form” in blog and Etsy store

2. Create a linesheet & other “things”
-Make a wholesale linesheet
-Make pamphlet to send to far-away boutiques
-Make email template for far-away boutiques
*Specific tips on creating a linesheet:

3. Research for retailers
-check out local fashion magazines for label names
-explore local shops (check out the yellow pages!)
-browse online

4. Call to make appointment with boutique owner

5. Be ready with wholesale price sheet and large amount of display-ready merchandise

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A New Endeavor: Etsy Free Feature

This is a first post in hopefully a series of special feature posts. In an effort to create more free advertising opportunities for Etsy-sellers, I've created this first feature post! Below are items from talented Etsy artists. All items are under $50, providing viewers with affordable, handcrafted gift ideas.

I appreciate any feedback on this first post, so comment away!

Happy browsing!
La SuaVoce Designs

Chinese Turquoise, Peridot Jasper, Wood Earrings, $18

Full Moon - Crocheted Earrings, $15

Friday, December 4, 2009

A Feminist Response to Edward Cullen

Okay, I know I posted on the whole "Twilight is anti-feminist" thing already, but I'm a college student with way too many resources available to me to go without sharing some more info I came across.

The following in an exererpt from Twilight and Philosophy, and this particular article is titled "EDWARD CULLEN AND BELLA SWAN: BYRONIC AND FEMINIST HEROES . . . OR NOT" by Abigail E. Myers.

"A feminist response to Edward Cullen might have been, “ Look, you
seem like a really nice vampire, but if being with you means
giving up my family, my friends, and my hopes for higher
education, I think I ’ m going to seek out a relationship that
allows me to have romantic and sexual love as well as all
that other stuff. ” And a nonabusive vampire would have really
meant it when he said that the beautiful mortal girl was better
off without him, and would have allowed that being mortal,
human, and young includes making your own mistakes
and not being insulated from every possible threat, real or

But that doesn’t cross Bella and Edward ’s minds. The ending
they find is truly a fairy tale, not because it seems happily
ever after but because it lacks cause and effect, moral responsibility,
and real relationships.
And if that ’ s Stephenie Meyer ’ s
idea of a fairy - tale ending, maybe we ’ d all better make sure
that we take the Twilight saga for what it is: a fairy tale, no
more worthy of emulation than Sleeping Beauty. The test?
Ask yourself if Sleeping Beauty is a role model. I’m guessing
the answer is no. Well, then, is Bella a feminist hero? Maybe
we can answer that with another question: Will vampires ever
get over their taste for blood?"

Make me want to show all those teenage girls something with substance. Jane Eyre maybe?

La SuaVoce Designs

"True Love" Isn't an Excuse

Below is a link to a remixed narrative of Edward Cullen meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. To be serious, the video is a commentary on Edward's controlling, obsessive behavior in the Twilight books and movie, and indirectly is a commentary on Bella's reaction to Edward: submission and weakness. The post after the video reads, "Seen through Buffy’s eyes, some of the more sexist gender roles and patriarchal Hollywood themes embedded in the Twilight saga are exposed in hilarious ways."

There are plenty of anti-feminist works out in the world, but maybe none so love and cherished by American teens as Twilight. Girls, please remember you don't need a man to be successful and happy!

La SuaVoce Designs

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Sale! BOGO FREE

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!

La SuaVoce is having a Black Friday Sale from Nov. 27- 29!

All Earrings Buy Get One FREE! Second pair of equal or lesser value will be refunded via Paypal.

Contact us for FREE GIFT WRAP or GIFT TAGS.

Visit our shop:

Ask us about custom jewelry and hair accessories too!

Happy holidays (and shopping!),
Sarah and Angie
La SuaVoce Designs

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy all that turkey and pie!
Sarah and Angie
La SuaVoce Designs

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


La SuaVoce's newest creation: Jane Ausen-inspired greeting cards.

You can share the beautiful words of this legendary artists with our delicate handmade cards. Plus. who doesn't love Mr.Darcy?

Any thoughts on the new cards? We are considering adding more designs and finding a way to make them less expensive, but these three cards are somewhat of a test. Any feedback is much appreciated!

Keep your eyes open for changes and new material from SuaVoce in the future. We are always growing. :)

La SuaVoce Designs

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"8 Ways to Jump Start Your Business" Is Worth a Read

We came across this helpful and inspiring article while browsing the web. "8 Ways to Jump Start Your Business" provides helpful tips for business owners, big and small. My favorite tip, which I feel we could have used when we started SuaVoce more than a year ago, reads "define your niche." La SuaVoce began with selling toward a very general target market, but we've come to realize that being specific is more profitable. This tip and others will certainly inspire and aid any business owner. Check out this article at:

La SuaVoce Designs

Friday, November 20, 2009

Winter Wonderland: Holiday Gift Ideas from Etsy Artists

I know, I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but by the time you’ve finished eating the turkey leftovers Christmas will be here, and there isn’t anything worse than scrambling to find gifts last minute!

So I’ve compiled a list to make shopping for Christmas a tad bit easier.
Below are some wonderful, holiday-inspired gift ideas from eight very talented Etsy artists. Be sure to check out the other items in their shops for other great holiday gift ideas.

Mukluks, woolen, knitted winter socks with leather sole, $25, by Bubamaradesign (

Warm, knitted, woolen, comfortable…Need I say more?
Bubamaradesign’s mukluks are a wonderful gift idea because they fit men and women alike (not to mention boys and girls)!

Freezebaby Set- Handknit Neckwarmer and Mittens, $70, by EveldasNeverland

Nothing seems more romantic or just plain cozy than curling up in these mittens and neckwarmer with a nice cup of tea! Classic yet bold, this set comes custom-made in 16 different colors. The set's variety and simplicity would make it a sure-to-please gift.

Vintage Shimmering Pearly Beads, $6, and Teal and Magenta Beads, $5.50 by SuaVoce
( )

These pearly beads reflect the light so well and are a beautiful silvery cream color, which reminds us of wintertime. These teal and magenta wooden beads are hand-painted in a splatter pain design. Both beads would make a great gift for a jewelry-maker!

White Paws, $65, by Saralagace
( )
These fingerless gloves look so soft and warm! We've never seen anything quite like them...they are stylish, fresh, and very fun. What's great is that white goes with any color coat, so they would make a wonderful gift.

Turquoise / Teal Gloves With Olive Edges, $26, by Afra

Adorable, cozy, and handmade these turquoise gloves are a sensible, stylish winter gift. Be sure to look at the rest of Afra’s shop for more beautiful handmade winter apparel

Small bowl, Pattern in Frost, $56, by Kiefferceramics

After taking a semester of introductory ceramics this fall, I can really appreciate the care and talent it takes to make one of these bowls. Not only are Kiefferceramics’ bowls beautiful to look at, but they are functional pieces as well.

Add Image

Holiday Hot Cocoa Candle, $15, and The Lollipop Guild Soap, $5.50, by GrumpyGirl (

GrumpyGirl’s hot cocoa candle and colorful lollipop soap look absolutely delicious (though I wouldn’t recommend taking a bite). As GrumpyGirl puts it “We dare anyone to even THINK about stealing your marshmallows…”

Longshoreman Stull Cap, $30, by Yarnstiffinknitter

This child sized (around 18M to 6yrs) knitted hat is suitable for both boys and girls, and is made with Merino wool for extra warmth and quality. Yarnstiffinknitter’s daughter, Hope, makes a beautiful model don’t you think?

Happy Shopping!
La SuaVoce Designs

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SuaVoce: Behind the Scenes

Who ever said you needed professional equipment to make professional photos? My sister and I take our photos in our dorm room using lamps for light, pillow cases to diffuse the sun, a friend's camera, a gorgeous roommate for a model, and a WHOLE LOT of creativity.

Not bad, eh?

Happy photographing!


La SuaVoce Designs

Sunday, November 15, 2009

You're No "Little Business"

Last week, Sarah and I (as president's of our school's Business and Entrepreneur Club) received the fantastic opportunity to meet with an alumn of our college who was an executive analyist (and a very very nice lady). When we mentioned our jewelry business, she gave us a profound piece of advise:

Many people say they work out of their kitchens or their garages and they say "Oh, I just make jewelry on the side." But they should say, "I own a company." Act like you own a big company, because you do.

Trust me, her exact words were a hundred times more inspiring, but I believe the message is clear YOU'RE NO LITTLE BUSINESS.

So SuaVoce is going to stop thinking like one!

La SuaVoce Designs

Monday, November 9, 2009

Get Inspired! Four Useful Tips for Etsy Business Owners

I'm sitting at the computer, cup of coffee near the key board, an appointment to go to in twenty minutes, a least an hour's worth of calculus homework left, jewelry business. It's times like these that I wonder how my Etsy shop still survives. When things get busy, I start to lose my inspiration. I want to take a couple minutes to bring myself back to center (and help those who are reading this bring themselve back to center!).

Get inspired...

-Get passionate. Strictly business-speaking, passion breeds sales. If you don't have passion for your work it shows (no matter how much you try to hide it). And believe me, it hurts sales too. Bringing passion into your work might mean taking a break, trying something new, or even getting feedback and encouragement from others.

-Make a change. Try something new with your shop (or in your life in general). My sister and I have decided to focus our work towards hair accessories and (could anyone guess it?) Jane Austen inspired greeting cards. Just the simple prospect of something new gets me excited to start working on the shop. The change doesn't have to drastic. Even developing a new designs bring some life to your shop.

-Promote! Marketing is always a good idea, and it's especially helpful when you are feeling unmotivated. Promoting might seem like the last thing you want to do in a slump ("Aren't I doing enough promoting already?!"), but it's probably one of the most useful things. Monitor the success of your marketing (with Google Analytics,,, etc.). Realizing the success in your hard work is where the inspiration comes from.

-Get off the computer. Yes! Take a step back from Etsy, close out of Twitter, sign off Facebook, turn off your IPhone and go outside (or at least into the other room). Time is precious (and time is money afterall). If you find yourself staring glassy-eyed at the computer, waiting for a new heart to show up on Craftcult (haven't we all been there?), then you're wasting time you could be using creating, exploring, learning and getting inspired. The world is where we find our inspiration.

Happy creating!
La SuaVoce Designs

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Fantasy Feature: Scarlett Design

There is natural beauty and sweetness to the photographs and illustrations featured tonight. This week's feature is the work of Ryan McGurl of Scarlett Design. His photographs, illustrations, and stationary, capture the natural world eloquently. We are please to present this work on our blog this Friday. Enjoy, and don't be afraid to get lost in his work!
Name: Ryan McGurl
Etsy Shop: Scarlett Design

What do you do?I'm an Illustrator and Photographer

Where do you get your inspiration for your work?
Mostly from nature. I love hiking and walking on the beach. Often I'm intrigued by the structure of plants and animals.

Do you have any pieces that are inspired by fantasy? Or are reminiscent of fantasy?
I have an illustration I made for some Halloween cards. Its based on historical gravestones I saw in Salem, MA when I was young. I love this illustration because its an idea I've had for a few years, and I'm happy to see it come to fruition. Also, I don't often draw by hand, so this was a nice change for me. I feel that I pushed my boundaries, but also stayed within my distinctive style.

And some day I'd love to do a series of illustrations based on fairy tales, Alice in Wonderland, "Rappacini's Garden," by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and right now I find the Wizard of Oz quite inspiring because I just finished reading "Son of a Witch."

How did you become involved in your work?
I come from an artistic family, and I've always drawn but didn't think I was very good or that I could really make a living at it. When I was studying Art History, I took a few Graphic Design courses, just because I figured it was the best way to have a career related to art. After learning how to use a digital illustration program I found that I really loved it. Photography I was also interested in for years before I considered it as an actual career choice.
What made you start selling your creations?
I do have an honest desire to share my point of view, but I would also love to be able to create full time (right now I have a part time job) and be able to travel.

What is your favorite item that you make?
Usually whatever illustration, photo, or card I've just finished making. I always love it when I see one of my completed pieces and can't believe how good it turned out, often surpassing my expectations.

Which fantasy creature is your favorite: fairy, dragon, or vampire?
Vampire, they have the most trashy entertaining books and movies
You can find Scarlett Design at...


Sarah and Angie

La SuaVoce Designs