Friday, November 20, 2009

Winter Wonderland: Holiday Gift Ideas from Etsy Artists

I know, I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but by the time you’ve finished eating the turkey leftovers Christmas will be here, and there isn’t anything worse than scrambling to find gifts last minute!

So I’ve compiled a list to make shopping for Christmas a tad bit easier.
Below are some wonderful, holiday-inspired gift ideas from eight very talented Etsy artists. Be sure to check out the other items in their shops for other great holiday gift ideas.

Mukluks, woolen, knitted winter socks with leather sole, $25, by Bubamaradesign (

Warm, knitted, woolen, comfortable…Need I say more?
Bubamaradesign’s mukluks are a wonderful gift idea because they fit men and women alike (not to mention boys and girls)!

Freezebaby Set- Handknit Neckwarmer and Mittens, $70, by EveldasNeverland

Nothing seems more romantic or just plain cozy than curling up in these mittens and neckwarmer with a nice cup of tea! Classic yet bold, this set comes custom-made in 16 different colors. The set's variety and simplicity would make it a sure-to-please gift.

Vintage Shimmering Pearly Beads, $6, and Teal and Magenta Beads, $5.50 by SuaVoce
( )

These pearly beads reflect the light so well and are a beautiful silvery cream color, which reminds us of wintertime. These teal and magenta wooden beads are hand-painted in a splatter pain design. Both beads would make a great gift for a jewelry-maker!

White Paws, $65, by Saralagace
( )
These fingerless gloves look so soft and warm! We've never seen anything quite like them...they are stylish, fresh, and very fun. What's great is that white goes with any color coat, so they would make a wonderful gift.

Turquoise / Teal Gloves With Olive Edges, $26, by Afra

Adorable, cozy, and handmade these turquoise gloves are a sensible, stylish winter gift. Be sure to look at the rest of Afra’s shop for more beautiful handmade winter apparel

Small bowl, Pattern in Frost, $56, by Kiefferceramics

After taking a semester of introductory ceramics this fall, I can really appreciate the care and talent it takes to make one of these bowls. Not only are Kiefferceramics’ bowls beautiful to look at, but they are functional pieces as well.

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Holiday Hot Cocoa Candle, $15, and The Lollipop Guild Soap, $5.50, by GrumpyGirl (

GrumpyGirl’s hot cocoa candle and colorful lollipop soap look absolutely delicious (though I wouldn’t recommend taking a bite). As GrumpyGirl puts it “We dare anyone to even THINK about stealing your marshmallows…”

Longshoreman Stull Cap, $30, by Yarnstiffinknitter

This child sized (around 18M to 6yrs) knitted hat is suitable for both boys and girls, and is made with Merino wool for extra warmth and quality. Yarnstiffinknitter’s daughter, Hope, makes a beautiful model don’t you think?

Happy Shopping!
La SuaVoce Designs

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