Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Fantasy Feature: Scarlett Design

There is natural beauty and sweetness to the photographs and illustrations featured tonight. This week's feature is the work of Ryan McGurl of Scarlett Design. His photographs, illustrations, and stationary, capture the natural world eloquently. We are please to present this work on our blog this Friday. Enjoy, and don't be afraid to get lost in his work!
Name: Ryan McGurl
Etsy Shop: Scarlett Design

What do you do?I'm an Illustrator and Photographer

Where do you get your inspiration for your work?
Mostly from nature. I love hiking and walking on the beach. Often I'm intrigued by the structure of plants and animals.

Do you have any pieces that are inspired by fantasy? Or are reminiscent of fantasy?
I have an illustration I made for some Halloween cards. Its based on historical gravestones I saw in Salem, MA when I was young. I love this illustration because its an idea I've had for a few years, and I'm happy to see it come to fruition. Also, I don't often draw by hand, so this was a nice change for me. I feel that I pushed my boundaries, but also stayed within my distinctive style.

And some day I'd love to do a series of illustrations based on fairy tales, Alice in Wonderland, "Rappacini's Garden," by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and right now I find the Wizard of Oz quite inspiring because I just finished reading "Son of a Witch."

How did you become involved in your work?
I come from an artistic family, and I've always drawn but didn't think I was very good or that I could really make a living at it. When I was studying Art History, I took a few Graphic Design courses, just because I figured it was the best way to have a career related to art. After learning how to use a digital illustration program I found that I really loved it. Photography I was also interested in for years before I considered it as an actual career choice.
What made you start selling your creations?
I do have an honest desire to share my point of view, but I would also love to be able to create full time (right now I have a part time job) and be able to travel.

What is your favorite item that you make?
Usually whatever illustration, photo, or card I've just finished making. I always love it when I see one of my completed pieces and can't believe how good it turned out, often surpassing my expectations.

Which fantasy creature is your favorite: fairy, dragon, or vampire?
Vampire, they have the most trashy entertaining books and movies
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La SuaVoce Designs

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