Thursday, July 30, 2009

My New Shop? Photography and Illustration

I've been throwing around the idea of starting a new shop devoted to my photography and illustrations. I really have to do my research (I've never sold either before!), but the idea is so exciting. It seems like photographers have pretty good success on if they can find their niche. First things first: fix my digital camera!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Products & Ideas for the Trendy Traveler

These days I've got my mind on traveling. In just a year I'll be going to Europe (leaving the country for the first time!) to study abroad in Austria/Germany. I was browsing (the prospect of traveling on my mind), and I came across these innovative traveling products. These products are great for both local and international travel.

Click on the pictures to be directed to the pieces on!

First up, Frankfult Passport Holder by DumbKidDesigns:
Reasons I like this piece:
1. It shows a map of Franfurt (Ich liebe Deutchland!)
2. It's a stylish way to carry around your passport
3. It'll protect your passport too (beacuse if you're like me, the bottle of lotion in your purse is boud to explode again sometime)

2nd, Eco Cup Cozy by laurabucci:

This piece is awesome because it's eco-friendly, adorable (Vespa's are so cute!), and practical (it functions just like a normal cardboard cup cozy--insulating, protective, fits standard cup sizes).

Eco-Friendly Reusable Snack/Sandwich Bag by TylerRaesBoutique

My family goes through a million plastic baggies a week. This reusable bag is a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. It would be great for plane-ride snacks and on-the-go sandwiches!

Lingerie Laundry Tote by SunlitOrchard:
This tote provides a speical place for your lingerie. It's perfect for traveling! And at only $14, it's inexpensive too!

I Spy Travel Toy by aebaby:

When I came across this product I immediately became nostalgic. Since my family is large, we'd take road trip vacations. I remember playing I spy and other games in the car with my sisters. This toy reminded me of those fun, and crazy, times!

Happy travels!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Saffron and Scarlet

Well, we've finally done it! Sua Voce has created a number of fabulous (!) hair accessories. We've been wanting to expand into hair pieces for so long. Our photogenic sisters pose for our photos:

Thanks for looking!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Sneak Peek (In Photos)

So I guess you could say SuaVoce is going through a bit of a make-over. Campus research is over and our ice cream jobs are back, which (thanks to all this rain, and cancellations at work) leaves us with more time for jewelry making...and experimenting. Be on the look out for our newest creations. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Postmodern Reads

I spent the first ten weeks of my summer working for my campus' press. We publish Chicago studies books but also innovative literature. I ran across this link to a list of 61 "essential" Postmodern reads. I have been asked (and asked again!): What exactly is innovative and Postmodern lit? The concept is very hard to define. I suggest reading a couple examples. I don't a hundred percent agree with all books on this list (and I'd add another: The Jiri Chronicles and Other Fictions by Debra Di Blasi, my favorite innovative piece from the summer), but it's worth a look!

Happy reading!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Launching My New Line “Dichotomy”

I’ve had this haunting feeling even since SuaVoce set up an store. I thought… “We make bridal jewelry, everyday jewelry, funky jewelry, simple pieces, big bold pieces, stuff for readers and writers…Are we too SCATTERED?!” Well, as a writer I’ve been told “write what you like to read.” Just so as a jewelry designer I’ve “created what I like to wear.” And I don’t always like to wear the same thing. Some days I’m in a simple and silver mood. Sometimes I like to be bold and bright.

We make a lot of very different pieces!

I’ve decided to launch a new line entitled “Dichotomy.” I’m not sure if you could call it a line, maybe a “branch” of SuaVoce is more appropriate. But either way, I intend to possibly open a new Etsy store or transform SuaVoce’s current store with “Dichotomy” as my focus.
What’s Dichotomy?
Well, strictly speaking it’s, “division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups.” In regards to SuaVoce though, it’s a unifying yet “dichotomous” theme to our store.
Keep reading in the days and weeks to come as I update you on my progress with “Dichotomy!”

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Second Ideal Wardrobe

Two weeks ago, I decided I wanted to put together an "ideal" wardrobe, consisting of simple, inexpensive basics, and bold, popping accessories. I have put together a second outfit, picking handmade pieces from Etsy artists. I wanted to make a feminine, fun outfit that doesn't cost a fortune.

Twisted Taffy Earrings, $12.00
Made with big, bold, vintage beads, this pair of earrings goes well with a number of outfits, but is unique and fun at the same time. (SuaVoce:

Bohemian Shoulder College Bag - Pashmina Fabric, $19.99
I like this bag for a couple different reasons: The color is great. The shimmery gold and browns are neutral, but not boring. The fabric can really match with a number of items in a wardrobe without dominating an outfit (but still drawing some good attention). I also like how it falls. The way it crosses over the shoulders and falls on the hip is so young and trendy. (Fabrichandbags:

Spotted Scarlet - Simple Drawstring Skirt (S), $20.00
A perfect summer skirt! Simple but adorable, this skirt was an easy choice for this wardrobe. The bright red goes well with the Twisted Taffy Earrings and the small, simple pattern of the skirt fabric is far from clashing with the boho bag above. It's a sweet, feminine addition to this outfit. SouthernSkirts has an amazing array of handmade skirts on her Etsy store. (SouthernSkirts:

Wedding/Plain Shoes, $30.00

This outfit isn't quite a wedding dress, but the shoes match perfectly regardless! They were just what I was looking for: Simple, inexpensive, elegant. DeBonisOrquera has an amazing selection of handmade designer shoes. If you don't like the white, the has a number of gorgeous colored and patterned shoes. (DeBonisOrquera:

That's it for my "Ideal Outfit" this week! I showcased a number of inexpensive, feminine pieces from talented Etsy artists. Keep an eye out for next week's outfit!

Happy Friday!



Sunday, July 12, 2009

Finally...We Made Jewelry for Ourselves!

Yesterday our cousin was married. It was the first wedding we ever attended, so we wanted to make our outfits special. Except being college students we don't have a lot of money. So instead of buying new dresses, we opted to make ourselves jewelry instead. I wanted something bold and bright to match my black dress, and Sarah wanted a more tradtional look to go along with her blue and red dress.

Step one, we needed beads. We explored Etsy and found these great beads from seller PenGwynneBeads:

For my piece, I also found beautiful glass pearls from seller allearringsandsuppli

Step two, put them together. Sarah decided to combine the red resin flowers with black Czech glass beads we already owned, all connected by sterling silver to form beautiful earrings.

She used more resin flowers along with vintage chain to make a bracelet.

I used the large pink resin flowers along with the soft teal glass pearls to make the necklace I was envisioning--bold, bright, and fun!

Step three, wear them. We wore our creations to yesterday's wedding, which was on all accounts a success. The dancing was a blast and the view of the Chicago skyline was phenominal!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Harry Potter Hogwart's House Earrings

My friends and I have been watching one Harry Potter movie a week for the past five weeks. Next week we'll all be attending the new film: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. My sister and I, feeling inspired (and also wanting something to wear to the new film!) made three Harry Potter-inspired pieces. Each one represents a Hogwart's House: Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw (my personal favorite). We are working on a pair of Hufflepuff earrings as well.

These earrings are inspired by Harry Potter’s house at Hogwarts, Gryffindor! They are made from stunning red and gold Czech glass beads in a unique “chandelier” design. Little silver colored stars add a “magical” touch! (

These earrings are inspired by (our personal favorite!) Hogwarts’ house of Ravenclaw. They are made from sparkling blue Czech glass beads and silver-colored beads accompanied by little silver-colored stars. They are also made with blue copper wire. (

Inspired by Hogwart’s most infamous house, Slytherin, these earrings are made from sparkling green Czech glass beads and silver beads in a unique “chandelier” design. Tiny silver stars are a “magical” touch to these Harry Potter-inspired earrings. So whether you love Draco Malfoy or have an ambitious and cunning (and maybe shady) character, or if you want to show support for your favorite Hogwart’s house, these earrings are a darling addition to a jewelry collection! (

Wear them to the opening of the new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!



Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Watermelon, Lavender, and Sage

We added two new pieces to our etsy store: "Lavender and Sage, Fresh Water Pearl and Glass Earrings" and "Sweet Watermelon Earrings."

The lavender pair is made of Czech glass beads in two gorgeous shades of purple, sterling silver wire (some pretty spirals too!), and green fresh water pearls.

"Sweet Watermelon Earrings" are made with lovely pink vintage beads and pretty little green beads. Both pairs are simple and pretty.
Check them out at :)


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Ideal Wardrobe: A New Project

I've always wanted to sew myself my own wardrobe. I could custom fit outfits and design clothes to my own style. The problems: I can't sew well and I hardly have enough time to make jewelry, let alone sew my whole wardrobe. As usual though, I don't let things like that slow me down (at least not when it comes to my style).

I can't sew, but I can make jewelry. Over the course of the next two months I would like to put together my ideal wardrobe (just in time for fall!). My new wardrobe will consist of simple (and inexpensive) basic pieces, such as solid tees, jeans, black skirts, and a pair of "matches-with-practically-everything" shoes. I will make these clothes pop with gorgeous accessories. Accessories go a long way in making an outfit complete and they are usually less expensive than buying a whole new piece of clothing.

Putting an emphasis on handmade accessories I've compiled my first "ideal outfit." Put these pieces below with a pair of comfy jeans and simple black sandals and the look is complete!

1) Springtime Sunset Earrings, $19.00
We made these earrings with bright, vintage beads, Czech glass beads, and sterling silver. They are beautiful, bold earrings, but they still are simple enough to match with a wide variety of outfits. (SuaVoce Designs-

2)Pirate Ship Retro Design Cap Sleeve Women T-Shirt, $18.00

Graphic tees are versatile additions to any wardrobe. I try to shy away from main stream graphic tees (it's not fun to find out your little sister's best friend has the same shirt as you!). That's why I recommend handmade tees with unique designs. This tee, by etsy seller HappyFamily, is simple enough to match with many different accessories (not to mention, shoes, pants, skirts...), but stylish and fun at the same time. HappyFamily has a wide selection of hand printed tees for affordable prices. (HappyFamily-

3) Rhia Upcycled Summer Scarf Necklace - Purple Burgundy with Freshwater Pearls, $13.00

Simple and beautiful, this scarf was the inspiration for this outfit. Made from upcycled pre-shrunk 100% cotton T-shirts, the scarf is both stylish and unique. I've never seen anything like it! It acts as both a scarf and a necklace and can be worn two ways (see link below), which makes this piece ideal for my simple wardrobe makeover. Toil and Trouble has similar scarves for sale in different colors, as well a many other beautiful creations. (ToilandTrouble-

4) The Paris Skyline Cityscape on Chrome Buckle with Charcoal Gray Web Belt, $15.00

I always have difficulty finding the perfect belts. I like something that goes well with most of outfits, but doesn't sacrifice style in the process. This unique Paris Skyline belt is the finishing touch on this outfit. It is made by Etsy seller, BareTree, who offers a selection of similar (but unique!) belts. (BareTree-

That's it for my first ideal outfit! I'd like to feature one outfit per week until my wardrobe is complete, so keep checking back for more.



Our Piece Featured In a Blog!

Our piece "Red, White, and Blue Chandelier Earrings" is featured in a great blog. Check it out:

The post is "Ten Must Haves For July Fourth" so take a look at the other Etsy sellers who were mentioned, too :)