Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Products & Ideas for the Trendy Traveler

These days I've got my mind on traveling. In just a year I'll be going to Europe (leaving the country for the first time!) to study abroad in Austria/Germany. I was browsing (the prospect of traveling on my mind), and I came across these innovative traveling products. These products are great for both local and international travel.

Click on the pictures to be directed to the pieces on!

First up, Frankfult Passport Holder by DumbKidDesigns:
Reasons I like this piece:
1. It shows a map of Franfurt (Ich liebe Deutchland!)
2. It's a stylish way to carry around your passport
3. It'll protect your passport too (beacuse if you're like me, the bottle of lotion in your purse is boud to explode again sometime)

2nd, Eco Cup Cozy by laurabucci:

This piece is awesome because it's eco-friendly, adorable (Vespa's are so cute!), and practical (it functions just like a normal cardboard cup cozy--insulating, protective, fits standard cup sizes).

Eco-Friendly Reusable Snack/Sandwich Bag by TylerRaesBoutique

My family goes through a million plastic baggies a week. This reusable bag is a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. It would be great for plane-ride snacks and on-the-go sandwiches!

Lingerie Laundry Tote by SunlitOrchard:
This tote provides a speical place for your lingerie. It's perfect for traveling! And at only $14, it's inexpensive too!

I Spy Travel Toy by aebaby:

When I came across this product I immediately became nostalgic. Since my family is large, we'd take road trip vacations. I remember playing I spy and other games in the car with my sisters. This toy reminded me of those fun, and crazy, times!

Happy travels!


  1. Great collection! I wonder how well know Etsy is in Austria or Germany. I'm sure there will be an interesting handmade community there.

  2. Reusable bags are great for traveling. Especially the ones that stuff right back into pouch so it doesn't take up room in your suitcase!