Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Publishers for Young Adult Writers

Finding time to write in college (and, if you’re like me, owning a business at the same time) is pretty tough. Searching for publishers who seriously consider young adult work can be even harder. Since I was personally searching for publishers, I thought I would share what I found. Below is a list of small presses and contests who all publish young authors:

This site provides a very good list of publishing opportunities specific to young people:
This newsletter (called “The Loop”) provides some publishers (specifically for playwrights). You can also subscribe to the newsletter for free to get more updates:
This small press holds a chapbook contest and also accepts submissions year-round for publication of chapbooks:

Hopefully this is a helpful resource for young (adult) writers. If you are seriously interested in sending your work to a publisher, my advice is to spend a good long time checking out that publisher’s website. Make sure your piece would fit well with what they do, since every publisher is different. A publisher’s website usually has a “submit” link where you can get information about their guidelines for submission. Be sure to follow their guidelines exactly or else they won’t even consider your work. If you come across the word SASE it means “self addressed stamped envelope.” Most publishers allow you (or require you) to include a SASE with your submission so that you may be informed if your piece was not chosen. Just stick the SASE in the envelope you send your piece in. Good luck!

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