Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fourth of July Inspirations

Angie and I created a number of Fourth of July inspired pieces. The first is a patriot pendant made from a vintage key. We bought this key, along with a tiny box of other old keys, at a yard sale a couple months ago. Going to college in an affulant town has some perks: the yard sales have some pretty nice stuff! This includes some very nice old jewelry (or keys), which we LOVE remaking into new pieces.

The second piece, which we casually refer to as our "Whitney" style earrings (inspired by a friend with the same name), is "officially" titled "Independence Dangle Earrings." We used, once again, a vintage element (the sparkling blue center bead), this time taken from an old box of jewelry given to us by our Nanna. The box contained gorgeous, but broken, vintage jewelry. So far the bits and pieces of old jewelry have gone a long way in defining our newest creations.

The third piece is a design we call "Chandelier." We use quite a few Czech glass beads for these earrings. Using Czech glass is a good, less expensive althernative to Swarovski crystal. Czech glass has a lot of sparkle and class, just like Swarovski, but with a smaller price tag.

Happy Fourth!

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