Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Beautiful Summer Night

In Chicago, June hasn't felt at all like summer until now. It's a gorgeous summer night: 75 degrees with a cool breeze from the lake. What a nice break from lots of rain and 50 degree days! I wanted to share a few summertime-inspired jewelry pieces. Above is a pair we call "Blue Ice Chandelier Earrings." Kind of makes me want some ice cream. :)

^Above is one of my favorite pieces, called "Scrumptious Cherry Tomato Earrings." My roommate (who is now back at home in China, and from what she tells me is having a great time) helped me design this pair and I think they came out amazing. She has a knack for unique things, espeically fashion, and these earrings are definately one of a kind.
I'll just go back to soaking up this summer night and hopefully getting some new art inspirations from this beautiful weather!


  1. I love the red beads!! One of my favorite colors.

  2. You have a lovely blog and you're jewelry is very nice!