Friday, June 19, 2009

Custom Bridal and Event (or Prom) Jewelry

Just recently Sarah and I were shopping in Walmart with our grandmother. She struck up a conversation with a lady working in the vision center…and by the time we left Walmart the woman at the vision center had commissioned us to make a custom pair of earrings for an outfit she had bought for a wedding!

This event and the fact that my cousin is having a wedding this summer (and I’m planning to design my jewelry to compensate for the fact that I can’t afford to buy a new dress ) got me to thinking…

Weddings and other special events (e.g. prom—Sarah and I designed our little sister a necklace and earring set for her prom) are coming up soon, and many women buy their outfits for these events BEFORE they buy their jewelry.

So why not have your jewelry custom made?

SuaVoce of course makes custom jewelry (just check out our Etsy store, but I wanted to provide a resource that lists small shops that do custom and bridal jewelry.

Here is my list: OR
This is a small store that sells beautiful wire-wrapped jewelry. If you check out pickmeup’s blog you can see the jewelry they made for a bride-to-be! I like pickmeup because their designs are clean and delicate, and personally I love silver wire! Pickmeup also does custom jewelry, so check them out!
Shacara specializes in custom-made bridal jewelry. Their pieces are very elegant and priced very well, too!
OceanBayDesigns has custom-made jewelry for bridesmaids. Their pieces are modern and unique! I love the fact that this store uses a lot of silver (can’t you tell I love it?).
Tilley Jewels Bride also specializes in bridal jewelry. They also sell nice hair accessories that would be great for prom, too!
Expressyourself makes custom jewelry pieces and bridal jewelry. I like their pieces because they are very elegant and use a lot of gorgeous pearls and beads.
Dreamsandjewelry has also done some bridal work, and their pieces are very beautiful!

I hope this list is helpful. Happy shopping!
Angie (SuaVoce)

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