Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finally! Some Confidence with Photos

It seems like I've spent a lot of time struggling to get the right photo of my jewelry. There are so many little things to consider when picture taking: lighting (I use natural light, in the shade), editing ( or the Microsoft Photo Editing- already installed), background (Recently I switched to a simple, but elegant backgroud: a book), and the camera (I have a simple digital camera, nothing special). I've tried all sorts of different things, like beach backgrounds, expensive camera (borrowed a friend), inside light, sunlight, Gimp (free photo editing software), etc.

Now I think I'm on to something! I took these newest photos using natural light on a cloudy day and brightened and cropped them with the Microsfot Photo Editing software already available on my computer. I placed the jewelry on the white pages of a book (The Alchemist, my favorite book, and one I'd recomend to anyone). They really popped on this background, but the background was still engaging and elegant at the same time.
I'm finally getting some photo taking confidence!

Sarah (SuaVoce)


  1. Those are really great pics!! I have such a hard time deciding how to take the pictures of my items. Off to check your shop!

  2. You have figured it out! I'll have to steal your tips for my own etsy minis :)

  3. fantastic photos, happy selling!

  4. Hi Sarah,

    Your pictures are looking fab! Jewellery must be so tricky to photograph. I think I have it comparitively easy with my fabric items. Of course it does help that my partner ( a budding photographer... ;-)


  5. These are great pictures! You have inspired me to go and really work this week on taking great pictures. Thanks