Sunday, September 6, 2009

What I've Learned Recently About Business

In the past year I've started a business (La SuaVoce:, declared myself a business major, and started helping out with the family business (Sun Tamer!). It's kind of been a business a (mostly) good way.

Some things I've learned lately about business...
-It's stressful, but addicting. Once you can you give it up?

-Marketing is! In fact, I love it! It's even more fun when you see results. I made "Grazie!" gift tags for our packaging a couple days ago and it was great to see the finished products, cut and ready. And Angie designed a beautiful banner to put on our suite door and in the student center on campus.

-You can never stop learning. This is probably true with everything. I've just spent my homework breaks browsing Etsy Storque How-to articles. A wealth of info! And it's endless, thanks to technology.

-Principles of Econ (the class) is SUCH a good idea. Seriously, I can watch the news without feeling completely ignorant of current economic situation. It's such a beautiful thing to begin to understand a topic of such importance.

-Getting a sale when you least expect is one of the best feelings you can have (it's right up there with starting a 100m sprint race in high school track and asking that guy you've liked for two months on a date). :)

-STAYING POSITIVE IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS TO DO (I mean this to extend beyond business too! Enjoy things. Life is soooo much better that way).

Happy creating (and business-ing?)


  1. very true, thanks for posting!! staying positive is hard, but very important, you are right!! :)

  2. I do love the marketing process also. I love trying new things to make my business grow!
    Best wishes!