Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Advertising on Craftcult: Our First Expedition into the World of Online Advertising

SuaVoce was able to acquire enough money (and we worked up enough motivation) to advertise online. But in fact, it wasn’t that much money and it didn’t take us that much time.

Several days ago, we purchased an advertisement from . The ad cost us only $15, and for four days, four of our pieces would rotate through the website’s “carousel.” (Check out craftcult to see what I mean. It’s right at the top.) We were worried, of course (never having advertised online before), that we could get nothing from the ad. Our jewelry pieces tend to only cost $15 at average. So if we sold once piece due to the ad, we would only be paying off the price of the ad (in fact, we wouldn’t even be paying off that since takes a percentage of the $ from your sale). So…we were worried.

Our Pride and Prejudice Journal we advertised on Craftcult

And we haven’t made a sale from the advertisement.

But we might. And that’s the key. We got many more hearts for each of the items we advertised. Hearts means that an individual “favorited” our item so that they may look at it later. I always heart something before I buy it.

The Pretty Little Rosebud Hair Clip, also advertised

All in all? Go for it, if you’re considering purchasing an advertisement spot. Just think about what the benefits might be of the advertisement (even if they may not be explicit or apparent). Plus, it couldn’t hurt now that the Christmas season is almost upon us!

Happy advertising,

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  1. Yes--I think you have the perfect attitude about this! The average buyer has to see something an average of 7 (oops, forgot exactly, I think it's 7) times before they make the decision to buy. With that in mind, I'm always amazed that people buy anything at all!