Friday, August 7, 2009

A Most Amazing Whale Watching Trip!

My family and I boarded the Prince of Whales yesterday at around 1 pm with the expectation we'd see a few good whales, maybe a couple whale tales in the distance...but we didn't anticipate how amazing the trip would be!

I was the first to spot a whale's blow (a blow is the spout of steam that indicates the whale's breathing), and soon after they were all around us. At first we saw the backs of fin whales...but then we saw two huge humpbacks...and the boat got nearer! We saw our first whale tales.

Then we saw our first feeding whales. Their giant mouths errupted from the bubbling green water (when you spot a patch of water that is green and bubbling, you know a whale is feeding below the surface). Two humpbacks swam near the boat and I snapped this picture...

And when we thought things couldn't get any better...we saw a baby whale and it's mother! The baby swam under our boat before returning to its mother. We even got to see the baby's tale, which our guide told us was unusual for a baby!

So all in all, it was a most amazing whale watching trip!


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