Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sell Your Work, Prevent Domestic Abuse & Empower Women

My name is Angie Spoto. I am the co-founder of a nonprofit online boutique called Uncovered Artistry Boutique (www.uncdoveredartistry.com). Our mission is to empower domestic abuse surivors emotionally and financially by selling their work in our store. We are hosting our Grand Opening this Friday the 23rd. Since we have just started a couple months ago, we ony currently have one artisan. In order to exapand our inventory and to promote our mission, we are asking certain Esty sellers to sell products on our site.

We are interested in any type of work that in some way is related to domestic abuse, sexual abuse, or the empowerment of women.

Here is how it would work:
1. We would post your products on our website in a very similar format to Etsy. We would like to use your photographs and, for the most part, your descriptions.
2. When a customer purchases your product through our website, will will email you a purchase order. (So for example, if after a week we receive three orders for a specific product, at the end of the week will will send you the purchase order requesting the three products.)
3. You will ship us the items, which Uncovered Artistry will purchase from you at the price you have posted on Etsy. Payment method is up to you. We are willing to use Paypal.
4. UA will ship the products directly to our customers. (With an okay from you, we'd like to use our own packaging for brand/consistency reasons. Of course, we would love to include your business cards and mention your Esty site both on our website and in the packaging)
4. All the proceeds from the selling of your product (UA will sell your product on our site at a higher price that what you sell it for on Etsy) UA will donate to a local domestic abuse shelter.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Angie Spoto
Co-founder Uncovered Artistry Boutique

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